MLF5 at The Gypsy Lounge Tonight

El Sr. Lewis y el Funeral Cinco se presentará en vivo, este viernes en el Gypsy Lounge. Cualquier persona que lleva un corpiño Selena pone en forma gratuita.
Siempre a tu chica,
xoxo Sr. Lewis

Come on Down

MLF5 @ Triple Crown April 19th

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Tonight at The Mohawk

mrlewis @hawk

Dave Woods Memorial/Destroy Cancer Extravaganza

Saturday the 16th, we will be playing at Mohawk for the Dave Woods memorial/poke Cancer in the eye show. It’s an all day and night, 2 stage affair with All, M.O.D., Brewtality Inc., Oklahomos, Neon Cobra, Sabbath Crow, Flametrick Subs, Box Spring Hogs Memorial, Possesed By Paul James, Tony Scalzo, Misstress Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat, Foot Patrol, Douche Magouche, and Bryce Clifford and Brother Superior. That’s alot of Dimp! I’ll be sitting in with the Hogs on guitar, along with a few others. There will be a silent auction as well. Come out and drink to Dave.

Forever your girl,
xoxo Mr. Lewis

Archives: The Ghost Room- March 2011

“Delirium Tremendous”, recorded by Austin Music Weekly at the Ghost Room, March 2011.

Fort Worth

Ft. Worth is not happening, due to venue brain fartage. We are sorry if any of you got your mouth all ready for tuna fish and there wasn’t any in the cupboard. We will reschedule.

Free Week Show

Courtesy: Austin Chronicle

Courtesy: Austin Chronicle

R.I.P. Dr. Dave Woods

Dr. Dave Woods of the Boxspring Hogs passed away this evening. He was a kind, funny and extreemly talented person that will be greatly missed by many… this isn’t fair.

Top 25 Austin Bands of 2012

Aw shucks, y’all. Just when I thought we were cold boogers on a paper plate, you told us we were hot snot on a silver platter. I appreciate the love. Thank you.
Forever your girl,
xoxo Mr. Lewis

Top 25 Austin Bands of 2012

Hole in The Wall Tonight

San Antonio was lovely, even though we clearly got our salsa from New York City. Get a rope. We play Hole In The Wall tonight (Saturday) with Starlings TN, and Noise Revival Orchestra. Come out and say hi. I know that I appear unapproachable, but I’m not. It’s just social anxiety. A few beers, a whiskey, and I’m right as rain. If you can get past the angry look, then you will be rewarded with inane conversation that you’ll probably wish you hadn’t started. See you tomorrow/ tonight!